New Video Upload : /tune = INFINITE styles now in Midjourney! Here is 30 that I discovered!

/tune = INFINITE styles now in Midjourney! Here is 30 that I discovered!
Midjourney’s latest update brought us an infinite amount of styles to discover with /tune feature. I know I’m a bit late to the party again, but I come bearing gifts: In this video I will take a look at this feature and share 30 cool style codes that I even invented names for. And also 70 bonus ones that you can find in the link below.

Want to try something out, but it’s tedious to write the prompt out yourself? No worries! View all the styles featured in this video and some extra styles alongside their prompts that you can copy and paste here:

Music generated with Mubert:
All generated images created by Thaeyne with Midjourney:
Voiceover generated with:
Talking images with:
Moving images with:
Also moving images with: Moving images with:
More moving images with:

0:00 Intro
1:23 –style CODE
2:11 /tune
4:14 Where to get style codes option 2
4:30 My favorite way of discovering new style codes
5:38 –style cmNbjnmXhgO1bT02 (Mystic Naturalism)
5:56 –style 6SdARpUTPPtMdy7K (RusticRadiance)
6:17 –style 1yh9c7W2HlVLDu0 (SpectralHarmony)
6:39 –style 39AGUmW0tZaqauU (Whimsical Realnes)
7:03 –style cmEgmn9cbViRDKPI (PsycheChroma Fusion)
7:28 –style 6ltiHdq28NKQ818I (MechanoSurreal Visions)
7:55 –style snywPkWZJPJ7Hj7 (ChromaFantasia)
8:19 –style cIiiqZLq1EyXPRrw (Biomimetic Fantasia)
8:48 –style soeLXgdj5iRbpyJ (Polychromatic Dissection)
9:16 –style clKUv0JbgimSAevs (Nature’s Morbid Elegance)
9:40 –style IDQBn4t16hJfW0B (Crimson Ethereality)
10:05 –style 4XnTGABi8ETX8CE (ObscuraVivid)
10:28 –style 29QIkakMhxz5KpTk (Dreamscapes in Warmth)
10:45 –style eRzewiOy0cH7aT6 (Gothic Radiance)
11:08 –style 6sGkvNS4txRLmMz6 (Gloomscapes)
11:29 –style cbMe88XHJ010pMmG (KaleidoCraft)
11:53 –style 9s8ijsEQVStGSM0 (Vividly Vortex)
12:21 –style Jq9CgOcVOWRC8SN (Neo-Romantic Synthesis)
12:46 –style 29QUNsSYJ9k0Vg9A (Vivid Eruption)
13:09 –style 29QUNsSYJ9k0Vg9A (Vivid Morphism)
13:32 –style cmZqmxZ97WJvxgGy (Celestial Vibrance)
13:53 –style susy196zKxfRBqZ (Enchantallica)
14:15 –style 2hYoHiFyEMGAC24W (ChiaroReal)
14:39 –style 7jYPAZRvx3XWDv (UnrealReality)
15:03 –style 48s7tYMi0f3IvftS (HarmonyWaves)
15:26 –style 9t8r5AcRUjpROM8 (ColorCascade)
15:46 –style bmQFIIyOfm9fJn (Mystic Morphology)
16:14 –style 9Nwy9GhSBuDaZZu (Melancholic Metamorphosis)
16:39 –style 4Lc8xtBrCDh0kn2 (Vibrant Visions)
17:01 –style 6RT9oP6uQjlJhAQg (Geometrically Gentle)

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