50 Nijijourney style codes to try out

I took a look at some random codes that Niji has to offer. Here is 50 of them that I tried out. 20 first codes are also featured in my latest video. Bright Anime DaylightkQPAys4HAKelDFbJe86GNGc4XMzETcF8w9PkynEGd/imagine prompt: Landscape --seed 777 --ar 9:16 --fast --niji --style kQPAys4HAKelDFbJe86GNGc4XMzETcF8w9PkynEGd/imagine prompt: Bird --seed 777 --ar 9:16 --fast --niji --style kQPAys4HAKelDFbJe86GNGc4XMzETcF8w9PkynEGd/imagine... Continue Reading →

20 Midjourney Style codes inspired by Psytrance?Fantasy

Here is 20 Midjourney style codes that I discovered randomly with the --style random feature when prompting "/imagine prompt: Psytrance?Fantasy --ar 9:16 --stylize 1000 --style random-128". And it's equivalent for raw styles: "/imagine prompt: Psytrance?Fantasy --ar 9:16 --stylize 1000 --style raw-random-128". I then took the style code and kept the "Psytrance?Fantasy" in the prompt and... Continue Reading →

200 words or phrases for Midjourney photo prompts

Ablaze/imagine prompt: Ablaze Photo of man in a mask --ar 9:16 --seed 777 --fast --v 5.2/imagine prompt: Ablaze Photo of meadow --ar 9:16 --seed 777 --fast --v 5.2/imagine prompt: Ablaze Photo of cat --ar 9:16 --seed 777 --fast --v 5.2/imagine prompt: Ablaze Photo of house --ar 9:16 --seed 777 --fast --v 5.2Acid wash effect/imagine prompt:... Continue Reading →

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