Midjourney v4.3

Midjourney latest small update was released on 8th of December 2022

I have named it 4.3 but it could actually be considered 4b.3 as it is the third iteration of the 4b style.

Patch announcement was barely noticeable:

We are deploying a new version of the cluster. All jobs will pause for a couple minutes and then restart.


– An update to the v4 model that should reduce some visual artifacts like unwanted text

– A small efficiency fix to save a couple seconds here and there

Deep dive to seed 777

This time I have decided to create the pages separately for each prompt I have used and explore all different aspect ratios, styles and stylize options. You can find the links to these pages here:

Please note this section is still work in progress as I attempt to catch up with image generation for the latest update.

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